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Children and Technology – Platypus Junction Curriculum

Hands on mini researchers at Platypus Junction

Young children have the opportunity of utilising digital devices, which have quickly become the tools of the culture at home, school, work, and in the community.

At Platypus Junction we embrace the link between learning opportunities and technology by providing digital tools to enhance learning.

In an education environment as an engaged learning tool, we seek the use of technology to achieve enriched learner motivation, engagement and learning outcomes, together with progressive teaching opportunities and development.

Our educators ensure that technology offers opportunity for children to engage in skills such as creativity, innovation, communication and collaboration. Never replacing active play or interaction with teachers and peers, its all in the balance.

No TV or DVD watching or passive non interactive use will be apart of any of our curriculums. Technology is centered as a tool of investigation serving as a source of knowledge, to seek, discover and research. Constructing understanding and information in a fun, hands on, interactive way that supports skills for life long learning.

Our Leadership Team has worked very hard seeking the most resourceful educational tools to support the childrens’ development, learning opportunities and fine motor skills.

We have a list of educational apps and accessories that we incorporate into the curriculum. Platypus Junction has worked closely for the last five years with Growing Together Family Psychologists in supporting our link with technology and learning in children.

Childcare lays the way for move to ‘big school’
Dr Seuss

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