Our goal at Platypus Junction for over 20 years has been to nurture each child within a secure environment in wonderful early learning centres across Melbourne.

What do we do?

Being privately owned and family operated enables us to ensure that each child is offered a caring and individual early learning experience. Our highly qualified team tailor an engaging, dynamic and fun program that encourages imaginative learning through play, fundamental executive life skills and a strong sense of wellbeing.

Platypus Junction is an early learning centre for babies through to 4-year-old-kindergarten pre-school. We offer separate learning programs for each age group and have a government funded 4 year old kindergarten for our pre-school program.

Our Centre Directors are available to discuss your child’s early learning and care needs at any time. We’d love to meet you, book a tour today.


Images of your child and learning development information are shared via the Story Park Program, enabling parents and caregivers direct connection with their child’s group learning and experiences each day.


Over the last 20 years, we have delivered several high quality centres across Melbourne, all privately owned and family operated. We are thrilled to have our three beautiful early learning centres in Melbourne.


Play-based learning for creative, curious thinkers. We encourage children’s emerging talents and create an environment ideal to support wellbeing, learning and play.


In 2018, our Mulgrave outdoor space won the gold award for best educational play space at the AILDM Awards (Australian Institute of Landscaper Designers and Managers).


Opposite Croydon Primary School, our bright and fresh purpose-built childcare centre encompasses the historic Croydon church hall.


Situated in Nexus Business Park and generously spread across two levels. In our rooftop garden space, children can interact with nature in an urban environment.


In leafy Union Road, our stunning learning spaces are open, airy, bright and clean, they’re full of life and set within our fabulous nature focused garden of mature trees and natives.


Platypus Junction was developed by Dale and Julie Pearce in 1995. Two busy working parents, on the hunt to find high quality childcare for their young children Felicity and Nicholas. This was not an easy task. There were many challenges trying to book into their preferred centres and often basic needs were not being met regarding cleanliness and safety. The curriculum was disengaging and there was a lack of communication. These centres did not support working parents. Dale and Julie decided to open a high quality, clean and safe early learning centre that supported families and their children. This included providing a program that was fully inclusive and took the stress off families trying to balance the demands of home and work. To this day, our focus has not changed and the Pearce family still own and operate Platypus Junction privately along with a wonderful team.


At Platypus Junction we recognise that relationships and interactions with children is one of the most important aspects of our centre. Forming important positive relationships provides greater learning opportunities for both the children and educators. By positively interacting and engaging with children during learning, educators build meaningful, reciprocal relationships and become attuned to children’s throughs and feelings. Shared decision making mutual respect and trust lay foundations for responsive and positive learning relationships.

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