Our 3-year-old Kindergarten Program operates 5 days a week with Bachelor trained Qualified Early Childhood Teachers at each centre, who take pride in developing a fun and enriching educational program based on the Early Years Learning Framework Curriculum.

Our play-based Kinder Program focuses on growing self-confidence, self-esteem, problem-solving skills and independence – giving children a great start for school and the tools to make friends easily.

Children develop a love of learning by engaging in exciting and varied activities. The kindergarten educational program integrates technology exploration, music, movement, art, literacy, numeracy and Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM Learning).

It’s the ideal preparation for preschoolers.


From 2022, three-year-olds across Victoria will have access to five hours of government-funded kindergarten led by a teacher. This will be available in both standalone kindergartens and long day care (childcare) centres. By 2029, Three-Year-Old Kindergarten programs across the state will offer 15 hours a week to families.

Research shows that quality play-based learning is a powerful way to support children’s learning and development. The benefits last into the school years and beyond.

Evidence also shows that two years are better than one when it comes to early learning. Taking part in a quality kindergarten program at an earlier age leads to positive effects on child development. It has even greater benefits for children who need extra support or are in vulnerable circumstances.

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To be a three-year-old is a joyous and wondrous time. Our three-year-old kinder focuses on what matters to a three-year-old. So many amazing skills develop during this year for a child in all areas.

Your child will be making social connections with friends and teachers, using imaginative play, learning to care for themselves, beginning to draw, running, jumping, hopping, observing and examining the world around them, solving problems, exploring basic science and numeracy concepts through play.

Their language and confidence as communicators will flourish in a wonderfully collaborative and supportive environment.

These new and emerging skills are supported through practice and mastered with the support, encouragement, questioning and scaffolding of our experienced educators and a university qualified early childhood teacher.

Platypus Junction acknowledges the support of the Department of Education and Training through the Kindergarten Funding Program